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Commissioning & Refurbishment

Our experts check that the entire solar system has been properly installed and ensure that all the necessary requirements for successful commissioning have been met and are in accordance with contract documents, manufacturer’s recommendations and industry accepted minimum standards. As a result, the solar system will be connected to the grid with maximum reliability and stability and ensure perfect performance.

Solar plants have an estimated lifespan of 30 years but can start to become obsolete in as little as 10. Regardless of periodic measures to replace damaged or poorly performing parts, maintenance cannot prevent the plant from decreasing in performance with resulting reduction in production. Our vast experience in maintenance led us to believe that refurbishment is the most effective method of giving the solar plant a new lease of life. Plants will regain their original power and increase performance, thereby allowing the plant owner to recoup the costs of refurbishment in a short period of time.

Our experts will assess the feature of the solar plant and the context in which it operates to advice the best solutions available.

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