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Operations & Maintenance

Aerial Inspection & Test Service

Cleaning & Vegetation

Asset Management

Commissioning & Refurbishment

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Operations & Maintenance

Aerial Inspection & Test Service

Cleaning & Vegetation


Commissioning & Refurbishment

Scope 12

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I’m very proud to be part of Uper Energy Europe as the competences, commitment and the strive for continuous improvement of our resources are derived from an outward looking and result oriented mindset. Furthermore, the cultural diversity within our European strategic countries is aggregated into a strength as we listen and build upon each other’s opinion. This behavior and mindset make Uper Energy Europe a winning team which is leading from the future and eager to maximize the profit of your PV Assets against optimized costs. – Read more about us


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Roland Schoones

CEO – Uper Energy Europe


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Uper Energy has managed this solar park since 2021. Due to the site’s multiple uses such as public access, sheep grazing and the presence of protected species, Uper Energy works with Zonneparken Nazorg Limburg to ensure the project operates safely for all stakeholders and maintenance procedures are carefully executed to ensure optimal performance of the asset. We would be happy to recommend them as an O&M provider.

– Lex Rijfkogel, Zonnepark Bodemzorg Landgraaf

Uper Energy provides O&M services for Alternus’ complete portfolio of operating projects, currently in five countries. With overall responsibility for the availability of the parks, this critical role ensures that operating revenues continue to flow smoothly. Uper provides a professional O&M and technical asset management service and is a reliable partner for us.

– Gary Swan, Alternus Energy Group

Our Clients

We believe each client is a long term partnership